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My Life as a Teenage Mother essays

My Life as a Teenage Mother articles Hello there! My name is Karina Rosales I am 22 years of age and I am an adolescent parent. I was 13 years of age when I discovered I was pregnant. From the start I was trying to claim ignorance until a pregnancy test affirmed it. I was unable to accept what that pregnancy test said in light of the fact that I never wanted to be pregnant or had even idea of. I generally thought being youthful and pregnant couldnt transpire; additionally I had little data about how to forestall pregnancy and even less about being a parent. At the point when I told my mom that I was pregnant, she was in stun - she couldnt trust it. In the end, she acknowledged what was going on and was there to help me. My dad, in any case, didn't address me when he discovered. I kept on going to class as an eighth grade understudy at Spring Woods Middle School. I was the main pregnant eighth grader and different understudies gazed at me and that caused me to feel dismal. At the point when I was around seven months pregnant I needed to leave school since I got wiped out from my pregnancy, so I went to a school that I could go to just two days per week. At long last, I started giving birth on Tuesday, January 29, 2003. I was in extreme agony so I concluded the time had come to go to the medical clinic. At 9am, my mom got me from my beaus house and took me to the medical clinic. At the point when I showed up at the medical clinic, the torment had deteriorated I was in so much torment that everything I could do was cry. The medical caretakers checked me in and found that I was 5cm expanded. An hour passed and I was prepared to get an epidural to help facilitate the torment. Conceiving an offspring was one of the most troublesome things I have ever done. My child, Ruth Michelle Perez was conceived on January 30, 2003 at 1:03pm. Her father was not at the birth since he was in school and he didnt see her until she was seven days old. Time has passed and I've had two additional children. I was just 15 and I had three kids. In the event that you ask me for what good reason I had more kids, my answer would be, 'I dont know'. Perhaps it was on the grounds that I survived an... <!

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Great Literature - Some Things Never Change :: Literature Essays Literary Criticism

Extraordinary Literature - Some Things Never Change Extraordinary writing is a book or bit of writing that goes through the ages and permits the peruser to relate to the characters. Another component that makes extraordinary writing are ethics that fit with each passing age. The last component of incredible writing is courage. A case of writing that goes through the ages is Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. By not appending current generalizations and guidelines to characters, Holden Caulfield is an ageless character. Every age that has perused the book has had the option to relate to his tricks. Lashing out at his educators and expecting various characters to fit in is a typical thing among teenagers. Expounding on issues that standard individuals experience is another way writing goes starting with one age then onto the next. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a kid's battle against society's measures. Most youngsters oppose society and any type of power. Fleeing from home and issues is an idea most young people consider. Ethics that go starting with one age then onto the next are significant in writing. A scholarly model is The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne. The vast majority of the ethics contained in the book are strict. Being dedicated to a life partner has consistently been a significant good, particularly in Puritan New England where infidelity was considered as horrifying as murder. Indeed, even idea two-timing life partners aren't looked downward on now as seriously as in Puritan New England, it is one thing that is still instructed reliably in chapel and in the home as being awful. Another scholarly model is The Odyssey by Homer. Progressively chivalrous and dedicated ethics are introduced in the epic sonnet. Try sincerely and you will acquire what you need or want and cooperative attitude consistently triumph over malevolence are the primary ethics in the epic sonnet. The last component that makes extraordinary writing is valor. Despite the fact that the character might be battling old divine beings, devils, beasts, or their own predetermination, a peruser can downsize the size of the battle and apply it to their life.

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Essay Examples Quotations

Essay Examples QuotationsA group of fifth graders in a school in South Carolina recently came up with an idea for a video that went viral on the internet. The students asked their teacher if they could create a documentary about their school. Their teacher told them no because they had already covered all the bases in the school year, and they were too old to create another one for next year. To this point, a group of fifth graders had created a number of different video ideas for a school year and now they wanted to do it all over again in the following year.The school used fifth graders as essays samples quotations, which is a great way to set your standards and goals. It's important to learn how to write a fantastic essay by hand and in your own style. This way you can always come up with a personal essay that fits into the style and needs of your classmates. In the process of doing so, you will be able to get yourself in position to accept any assignment that comes your way.Be aw are that the more personal you get, the more chance there is that the other students will be able to see through it. First of all, don't give away too much in the essay sample quotations. Remember, it's just for you. If you're telling too much about yourself, then your classmates might think that you're not that comfortable in front of your peers. In order to keep your personality and style, keep your essays samples quotations short and simple.The best way to begin is to begin by choosing a quote that speaks to you personally. Then get to work! Of course, your school requires that you start from the top. Therefore, you must begin from the end and create your quote from the bottom up.Always keep in mind that every assignment you get for the rest of the school year will take you down a new path of creativity. For example, if you're writing about who or what is the most popular person in the class, you will never be able to compare the works of Shakespeare with the works of Shakespeare . You are in a position of being very creative, however. Try to find something to write about that you love and is going to provide you with more than just a simple task.Being able to create a personal essay about something you really care about is a great way to show your classmates how to write a personal essay. Once you have a personal interest that you are passionate about, be sure to tell them. Instead of telling them about yourself, be sure to show them about themselves. Of course, you will want to tell them as much as possible, but tell them you care.Getting students involved is a great way to get your grades up and your student body healthy. If your teacher tells you that you need to write a sample essay about a certain topic, or if you simply feel like it, take the initiative and go ahead and do it. Regardless of the material, you will be able to discuss it with your classmates and show them how to write a personal essay. If you need to ask permission to include a quote, as k your teacher and look up quotations in your assigned books.The fifth grade essay samples quotations will help you throughout the remainder of the school year. They can either be included as a part of your final paper or as an option for the essay, you'll be required to do for the next school year. If you decide to use them as an option, be sure to be creative in your writing and use quotes from real life examples. This will help you become a better writer, and as such, improve your own academic record.

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Appealing Financial Aid Special Circumstances

HomeFinancial aidCollege Financial Aid Costs and StatsFilling Out a Special Circumstances Form To Appeal Financial AidThis page may contain affiliate links.Oct 15, 2019Writing a financial aid appeal letter can be intimidating. However, schools have a form known as the Special Circumstances Form already in place to give families a place to describe special circumstances that affect their ability to pay for college. The form should be used to describe anything that has changed financially, from one year to the next, and anything that distinguishes the family from the typical family such as death of a parental wage earner, medical expenses, elder care costs, recent unemployment and more. Here’s what you need to know about the form: What is a Special Circumstances Form? The Special Circumstances Form simply asks for the reason why you feel what you listed on the FAFSA or CSS Profile doesn’t represent your full financial situation. It’s available from financial aid offices and can give you a chance to tell the rest of your financial story that may not be accurate reflected by the questions on FAFSA. These details can be an income change, a new child, a sibling of the student who wasn’t going to go to college and since has enrolled, caregiving costs for an elderly grandparent, and unforeseen or really high medical expenses. Expenses required for a disabled child would go into this category, too. You’ll list your reason in just two to three sentences and submit it back to the college. It’s a simple appeal that will be rejected or denied based on what’s stated on the form. Some forms don’t have you write anything at all. You can just fill in the bubble next to the reason you’re requesting the review. Are All Colleges the Same? The forms can differ quite a bit in both the format and what reasons are considered based on the college. Read the page on the school website to get instructions for the form and also an idea of what the school considers special circumstances to be. For example,Duke University has a very specific list of what reasons they will and won’t accept, such as support of multiple households for a grandparent or parents who are separated), parents’ student loan debt, and funeral expenses that are at least five percent of total family income. Moving costs are also an expense they want to know about. For job loss, Duke specifies Job loss/termination, Wage/salary reduction, and Mandatory furlough as reasons they accept for review. But it differs greatly from college to college. A member of our PayingForCollege101 Facebook group quit her job to return to college, and as a result, her income was reduced. She filled out the form and told us her college accepted her financial aid appeal. Other schools also accept reductions in income from a business as a potential reason for appealing a financial aid award. Types of Verification That May be Required Verification varies based on why you are appealing financial aid. If there has been a decrease in income, verification can be a layoff letter, bank statements, or a tax return that’s more recent than what’s required by the FAFSA or CSS Profile. Your school may specify what they need. For medical or family expenses that have already happened, you can provide bill statements that were paid, etc. For future medical expenses, you can get a doctor’s or insurance letter for what expenses you may incur in the near future. Bottom line: You’re probably going to need some proof. Do your best to provide the most accurate form of evidence that your financial circumstances are different than what was reported on the FAFSA or CSS Profile. Quick tips for filling out special circumstances forms Decide whether you have a circumstance where you need one. Examples: income change or medical or family expense not reported on the FAFSA or CSS Profile. Read the form from the college you are submitting it to very carefully. Each college could have its own list of situations they will and won’t consider for a financial aid review. Don’t expect to provide long explanations. One or two sentences per situation or expense is sufficient. Sometimes, you just fill in a bubble. Do expect to provide some sort of verification. Filling out special circumstances forms when your economic situation changes neednt be stressful. As long as you have a legitimate reason for a financial aid appeal and the proper paperwork, you should feel confident that the college will take everything you offer into consideration.

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Hs2 - Environmental Impact Assessment Report - 1906 Words

High Speed 2 Environmental Impact Assessment Report Introduction Environmental Impact Assessment is very advanced process of forecasting influence on environment of planned operation, in this case- High Speed 2. It is crucial to do EIA before any construction works commence, it will allow designers to change or improve the project in order to minimise negative consequences of it. This paper include analyse of main environmental issues, such as: impact on agriculture, forestry and soils; air quality; climate, community, cultural heritage, ecology, land quality, visual effects, noise/vibration, waste material resources and water resources/ flood risk. Abstract Environmental impact assessment is the formal mechanism used to†¦show more content†¦To decide which of procedures is the most relevant to particular environmental effect- professional judgment must be made. Afterwards, draft of Environmental Statement can be prepared and publicly consulted. Then final version of ES can be formed. Environmental impact: EIA covers all issues listed below: Agriculture, Forestry and Soils: such as: farming and other rural enterprises, farm buildings, related land use and woodland planting, ancient woodlands; The designers assures, that good quality agricultural soil will be stripped prior to construction and stored appropriately for future use. Owners and operators of affected agricultural holdings will be entitled to receive compensation for any losses that HS2 will cause. Air Quality: this section applies to dust and emissions/pollutants related to construction and operational traffic. Inventors guaranteed that the railway will operate efficient, non-polluting (at source) electrically powered trains to minimise air pollution. Community: general effects on residential property, community facilities and communities as a whole: e.g. effects on public footpaths, bridleways, parks and gardens. Temporary presence of construction workers; All homes which are located close to the planned route have already lost 40 per cent of their value, some of them will be demolished due to the project, but the HS2 Ltd. assures that allShow MoreRelatedNetwork Tunnel Rail Link Between Britain And Continental Europe3073 Words   |  13 PagesBritain’s first high speed railway was completed on time and within Budget, This project was initially known as ‘Channel tunnel Rail link’ and renamed HS1 in November 2006. HS1 runs at a speed of 300km/h between the channel tunnel and London. In this report, the writer will be discussing the various management features of the HS1 and analyzing the management of the programme. Objective of HS1 Program To develop a national railway system effectively, it is essential to establish what it was intended toRead MoreProject Management Theory Essay4267 Words   |  18 PagesNorth West of England initially with the intention of expanding further north. The reason for this report is to evaluate three variation requests made to the High Speed Two project. The three requests are, first, a variation to the original route to take in more of Oxfordshire, second is to add a station in Madeley and third is a change of supplier. After completing the evaluation of the changes, the report is going to be presented to a Change Committee. Each change is evaluated through the analysisRead MoreGlobal Company Analysis of the Hornby Group3430 Words   |  14 PagesHornby America. Affiliate corporate website. (2012). . Hornby UK website About Us. Department of Transport. High Speed Rail: Investing in Britains Future Decisions and Next Steps. Report to Parliament, Secretary of State for Transport. Encyclopedia Britannica CD. Transportation: The future of railroads. (1995) . Chris Carol. The History and Future of Railroads. AARP. Author Speaks.Read MoreCNPC CSR report25861 Words   |  104 Pages2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report China National Petroleum Corporation About the Report This is China National Petroleum Corporation’s seventh annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report since 2006. This report accurately represents what we did in 2012 to honor our commitments to the economy, the environment and society. It is important that we provide the following information: Reporting company: China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) Alternative reference: China National

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Genetically Modified Foods Is Not All People Support Their...

The world is fast changing and with every new day, many things are being introduced to us with the aim of making our lives easier, so I hear. Technology tops that list, closely followed by the availability of fast foods across the world. These fast foods are mainly made from inorganic foods, commonly known as GM foods (genetically modified foods). This does not mean that fast foods are the only type of foods made from GMO (genetically modified organisms). Other foods also like tomatoes, potatoes, corn and various fruits are also as a result of genetic engineering. I shall argue that it is important to label genetically modified foods as not all people support their existence. Genetically modified foods refer to the kind of foods that are usually produced from organisms that have undergone specific alterations introduced into their DNA through genetic engineering (UK GM Science Review Report, July 2003). The techniques employed in genetic engineering, allows the introduction of new characters as well as massive control over these characters compared to methods such as mutation or selective breeding. Most GM foods are made for commercial sale purposes. This commercial sale of GM foods dates back to 1994. Whether genetically modified foods should be labeled is a question that lingers in the minds of many. This is because recent studies that are being carried out reveal that not all people think that GM foods are safe for human consumption. Personally, I fall under thatShow MoreRelatedDangers of Genetically Modified Foods1088 Words   |  4 Pages Genetically modified foods are a very dangerous and wasteful process that is given too much thought. This includes allergic reactions to possible intestinal damage, many people want to avoid genetically modified foods because of animal studies that have shown changes in internal cell formation, unusual tumor development, and unanticipated passing of life that have occurred, as well as altered the number of cells that regulated the immune system for the body. Research has shown that a growth inRead MoreThomas Malthus : The Principle Of Population843 Words   |  4 Pageswage rates, but most notably to modern economics and population observa tion, Thomas Malthus found that food production tends to increase arithmetically; while, population size tends to increase at a geometric (or exponential) rate (Malthus, 1798). From his findings, Malthus purported the demise of mankind would come from the ‘misery and vice’ (conflict) resulting from not-having-enough food to support a rapidly growing population. He believed, without some mechanism (economic choice) humanity would notRead MoreEssay about Should Genetic Engineering Be Controlled by Law?992 Words   |  4 Pagescheck. Laws should control genetic engineering by prohibiting human cloning and animal cloning and labeling the genetically modified food . Laws should prohibit human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, or manipulating with the human DNA concerning life spam or age. The reason for this prohibition is the protection of mankind’s dignity, uniqueness, and his existence. In the United Nations General Assembly’s 59th meeting, most of the UN countries voted that human cloning shouldRead MoreGenetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Labeling Legislation Essay934 Words   |  4 Pagesbars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of controversial genetically modified (aka GMO) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds, no matter what health issues may arise concerning GMOs in the future† (â€Å"5 Appalling Facts†)? Genetic engineering allows genetic material to be transferred between any organism, including between plants and animals. Genetically modified foods have been in existence since the early 1990s and they are not going away any time soon. In the European UnionRead MoreThe Many Faces Of Food1140 Words   |  5 PagesFaces of Food Genetic modification sciences (particularly Animal cloning sciences) are relatively new sciences that remain understudied. Yet, there are many that claim genetically modified foods are just as safe as the foods we consume today. Original Topic: Genetically Modified Foods; Safe or Unsafe? Current Topic: No change needed References Pro-argument Category 2: Freeman, David. Truth about Genetically Modified Food Category 2: Oxford Journal. The Safety of Genetically Modified Foods ProducedRead Moreâ€Å"Challenges And Risks Of Genetically Engineered Organisms†.1655 Words   |  7 Pagesand Risks of Genetically Engineered Organisms†. Paris: OECD Publishing, 2004. I found this book through IUCAT and it is available as an online resource. This book was written and published as the result of an OECD, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Workshop on Challenges and Risks of - What Risk Analysis is Appropriate? Options for Future Policy Making Towards Integrated Agro-Food Systems. This book covers a wide variety of risks associated with genetically engineering ourRead MoreA Research On Genetic Modification1260 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1989, the year Japanese company Showa Denko attempted to produce tryptophan, a food supplement, more efficiently by genetically modifying a natural bacteria. Unexpectedly, a toxic substance inside the tryptophan formed, causing five thousand people to became ill, fifteen hundred to become permanently disabled, and thirty-seven to die. This tragic event is one of many issues that sparks the continuous debate on genetic modification, which concerns the purposes, benefits, and dangers of modifyingRe ad MoreGenetically Modified Foods : The Tomato, Hit The Markets1900 Words   |  8 Pagescommercially presented genetically modified food, the tomato, hit the markets in the United States. These genetically modified tomatoes are known as crops created for humans or animals to consume by using the latest molecular biology techniques. The process of it is very simple. The geneticist will need to find the desired gene in an existing organism first. Then the geneticist will cut out the desired gene, relocate it to the intended plant that will be genetically modified, and paste the desiredRead MoreBenefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms1559 Words   |  7 PagesWhen we hear the phrase genetically modified organisms, we may automatically picture scientists in white lab coats, with gloves, and testing equipment. All of them working diligently in a brightly lit room with a cold, hospital like feel. What if I told you that humans have been modifying organisms since developed agriculture came into existence? An example of this is corn. It grows naturally in North America. However, if you take a trip to any western European countryside and you will find fieldsRead MoreThe Age Of Genetic Engineering And Discovery1773 Words   |  8 PagesEvery mother wants to feed her children the best food possible. Every father wants to see his kids grow up strong. Chefs want their food to have the most memorable, unique, and pleasing taste. Food companies want their products to have the highest satisfaction rate and longest shelf life possible. It seems that, as a society, we should be striving to attain the optimal status of food production and preparation – we have done so for years, through technological advances in refrigeration, storage,

The Day of the Jackal Essay Example For Students

The Day of the Jackal Essay The Day of the Jackal:This book, a suspenseful narrative by Frederick Forsyth had its origin by means of the observations he made as a Reuters correspondent in Paris. The basics of this plot are very simple, one man wants to kill de Gaulle, and another man wants to stop him. The Day of the Jackal begins as Charles de Gaulles grants Algeria their independence, by means of this decision he creates a certain political tension in France. To avenge what they regard as a betrayal, leaders of the OAS (Organisation de lArmee Secrete) plot de Gaulles death. After several attempts on de Gaulles life all resulting in failure, the OAS decides it is time to hire a killer at the top of his profession, a man known as the Jackal. He is a tall, blond Englishman with opaque, gray eyes. A man, whose mission is so secret not even his employers know his name, an assassin with a contract to kill Charles de Gaulle, the worlds most heavily guarded man. Although the Jackal is not aware, his main obstacle is a simple policeman, Deputy Commissaire Claude Lebel. Some consider him among the best detectives in France, but he himself cannot feel much confidence due to the fact of knowing that his objective is to track down a killer that has no identity what so ever. But the assistance given to Lebel from police all over the world, slowly allows him to piece together the Jackals image in time to prevent this international incident. In this book we follow the Jackals meticulous planning step by step. The intelligence of the Jackal leaves me perplexed, the way he is able to avoid being captured and how he devises his brilliant plan by means of theft of passaports, forgery of documents and a great alternation of identities. All in all, The Day of the Jackal is a masterpiece of suspense.